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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

USB to serial adapter and Win7: FTDI is the way to go!

The long-awaited FTDI chip USB-to-Serial adapter has finally arrived! And before I go any further: special 'thank you' to group member who recommended the FTDI as as a solution. What a joy!

Unlike all previously tested adapters, this one even came with the box! And the instruction manual, pin layout schematic, disc with drivers. There was even manufacturer's label: IOCrest, RS-232. And as added bonus: 3 status LEDs" active, txd and rxd. Plus 1 year Australian guarantee!

The device got recognized by Win7 straight away. I wanted to halt the automatic driver search process but wasn't fast enough. Nevertheless, the drivers were loaded and device was 'ready to use'. And it was- from the moment it was set as COM port in GSDR, it worked flawlessly. No hang-ups, no 'muffled TX' no fake PTT attempts. Exactly as you want it, on each transmission, every time. Driver date: 22 Jan 2016!

If you wonder why am I so excited about such a trivial device like com port adapter then you are either smart and already have an FTDI unit, or you are yet to discover that 230x and CH340 chips with Windows 7 are pain in the bum. A $1 Chinese clone may sound like a great deal but you will regret it.

I am awaiting delivery of couple more units so stay tuned for more reviews. So far, IOCrest and COM1 from mb (as per Stew's suggestion) are clear winners. Price: AUD $32, free postage, Australian vendor. 1 year guarantee.
ebay auction:

[note: COM port is required for G40 and G3020 units only, G59 and G11 are connected via USB)

73 Nick VK2DX

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