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Thursday, February 25, 2016

G11 DIY #6 completed: Congrats to Adrian, G8YOX

A new G11 DIY has been completed! This is the unit #6 and the proud builder is Adrian, G8YOX. His first QSO was with IW8 . Well done mate and thanks for sharing your excitiement with fellow Genesis members.

So here is the list of all G11 DIY radios assembeld so far;

[Builder's callsign, date and first-QSO call]

G11 #1 K9GQ 20 AUG 2015 KB0PPQ
G11 #2 VK2AMS 20 SEPT 2015 VK4WI
G11 #3 VK2DX 31 DEC 2015 CT1FBK
G11 #4 KF5KOG 5 JAN 2016 KD7H
G11 #5 AB4GS 24 JAN 2016 KB0PPQ
G11 #6 G8YOX 26 JAN 2016 IW3FRF

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