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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Super easy way to calibrate your Genesis G3020 on 30m band with the help of Asian carrier on 10.140 MHz.

Super easy way to calibrate your Genesis G3020 on 30m band with the help of Asian carrier on 10.140 MHz.

As said before, this Asian carrier is visible in VK from 10 UTC (9pm local time) to after midnight. Perfect time to play radios! The carrier is present every night and it is spot-on on 10.140 which makes the calibration piece of cake.

1. Turn on G3020, set mode to USB, filter bandwidth to 2.7KHz and main dial frequency to 10.138 KHz

2. start WSJT-X, set mode to JT65 and set frequency to 10.138. [I assume here that WSJT and G3020 audio are 'connected' via VAC]

3. Under Setup-Hardware-Genesis Configuration set local oscillator [LO] frequency to 10.125000.

Let the WSJT receive for a few minutes. You should be able to see a 'line' which is your Asian carrier somewhere around 2000 Hz point. In my case the yellow carrier line was just above 1800 Hz point.

To calibrate G3020 I want to 'shift' carrier up. To do so, I need to add 200Hz to local oscillator frequency: 10.125000 + 200 = 10.125200. (you will enter the difference you see on your WSJT spectrum. If carrier is above 2000 mark then deduct the difference)

4. click Apply and let the WSJT run for another minute or so. The yellow carrier is now almost spot on on 2000 Hz mark. Actually it is bit too high so I've deducted 5Hz. My new LO value is 10.125195. Apply and Save.

5. Done! Your G3020 is now calibrated. As you can see, all the WSPR signals are now also within WSPR band 200Hz window.

Of course you can use WSJT and know time/frequency signal to calibrate any Genesis hardware. I just prefer to use Asian carrier because it is neither too strong nor too weak and with the help of calibrated WSJT waterfall it is easy to work out the LO frequency +/- 1Hz.

Again, my apology if this is too trivial, but until you calibrate your hardware you won't be able to receive weak WSPR signals. Of course you can use your 'big radio' as signal source assuming the radio itself is calibrated.

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