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Sunday, February 28, 2016

One MASSIVE signal ! 30m WSPR band

Just turned on my G3020 on 30m band, 7am local time.

The 20 KHz of amateur band segmnet (plus more above 10.150 KHz) were completely wiped out by one massive signal. Could this be over-the-horizon radar, and if it is, which one? Regardless, for years of playing with radios, I have never seen/heard such a powerful signal, on any band!

And right there, in the middle of OTHR was one single WSPR signal, wiggling it's way to my receiver. G3020 you've done it again. Amazingly cool stuff !

UPDATE: 3 hours later, with no sky-wave propagation, the OTHR was still loud and clear. A local radar perhaps?

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