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Thursday, September 8, 2016

HF propagation: Sydney to Germany on 30m band DDK9 @ 10.1008 MHz

German weather station DDK9 which transmits RTTY  around the clock on 10100.8 KHz presents itself as an excellent 'beacon'. It provides a constant signal usable for propagation monitoring on 30m amateur radio band.

Here are the couple of snapshots of German signal received in Sydney. The fist shot is taken overnight, showing a great 45 minute opening at local sunrise. The signal travels via 'short path' over Asia.

The second shot is of the signal received in the afternoon, via 'long path' travelling over South America. This opening is usually longer and signal strength is better than in the morning. In September, the path peaks 90 minutes before Sydney sunset.

Software: Spectrum Labs set to sample receiving audio every 10 seconds. Receiver: GenesisRadio G11, vertical antenna.

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