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Monday, June 6, 2016

40m WAS QRP: state #49: Nebraska: Thank you KA0UNB . VP8ALJ. Broken antenna.

Last night KA0UNB answered my JT65 CQ call for state number 49. Now just one more to go to complete the QRP WAS: South Dakota. There are 3 stations which appear on 40m JT65 form time to time: K0ECN, KE0HQZ and KD0S. None of them heard or seen in past few weeks but I am keeping my eyes on them, ready to snatch 'em.

Unfortunately 40m vertical is out of action: this morning strong wind broke the fishing pole (once again!). The new pole is on it's way and hopefully I'll be back in business in day or two.

Could this be my all-time QRP DX on 40m? I can often see Japanese and South American working VP8ALJ but so far no luck seeing his signal on the screen. Until Saturday night, at his sunrise: Mario was an easy copy for about 20 minutes. I got my -24 from Falklands - and I am over the moon!

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