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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

First DX QRP two-way contact on 80m band with G11 DIY : NA6L Sydney to San Diego

Finally, the first QRP DX contact on 80m band has been completed: John, NA6L from San Diego was at the right place at the right time with a monster signal [-10] right on his sunrise. He got me -19 at the best which is just amazing considering my modest setup. We have exchanged emails after the QSO and I was surprised to learn that he is using just 30W into a low dipole. This just shows that timing is everything and persistence is worth many dBs.

I was also decoded by N6OIL, KF1Z [?] and N7JI. Actually, N6OIL decoded me 24 times.

Very happy :-)

I left the G11 on receive overnight for Europeans.

Number of Eu signals were decoded. The monster signal was IK3PQG who (right on my local sunrise) was hitting -3 and was loud in headphones.

I've called him number of times with no luck. Nwxt time for sure!

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