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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Micro-controller and USB assembly

The next assembly phase is completion of uC and USB connection unit.

In addition to components shown on the page 12 of the schematic diagram, install DC connector J1P, C28P, C27P, on-off switch SW1, and two ferrite beads FB3P and FB4P. Those components are located at the top right corner of G11 PCB.

Also, install R11U, L1U, L2U and FB1U thorough-hole components. Don't forget to install all 4 LED diodes which are located at the bottom left part of PCB: LD1U, LD1S, LD2U, and LD3U.

Your G11 is now ready for first power-up. Apply 13.5V DC and check voltage on the U3U [5V]

Here is the photo of completed assembly:

Next step: connecting the G11 to GSDR and firmware update.


  1. This Looks great but is there a build guide on were to start and what components to start with ? The yahoo group has no definite guide I can find
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Simon : Thank you for your interest - bill of material, schematics and all other intro stuff can be found here:
    73 Nick VK2DX